the foodcourt

the Foodcourt: Pinkbox Doughnuts


we're friends here, right? i can talk honestly, share my thoughts.. no harsh judging or stern finger pointing? phew, good.

because i think i have a problem.

a big-round-hole-in-the-middle kind of problem. sometimes my problem is baked, but most times it's deep fried. yeasty doughy and often dipped, glazed, and sugared.

seriously you guys, i just dough nut know what to do.


Pinkbox doughnuts is a greatly welcomed new little business. i have always been envious of great doughnut cities like seattle, nyc, la, and portland because i felt like vegas lacked a little in that department.

now don't get me wrong there are some solid options for the more "traditional" doughnuts but i wanted creativity and interesting flavor combinations. i wanted bacon on my maple bar, dammit!

but in december of 2012, i got my wish.

Pinkbox (1 of 3)

of course their boxes are pink.. how could they not be?

Pinkbox 2

my order:

1. campfire s'mores 2. chocolate glazed 3. sweet potato cake 4. cinnamon spice cake 5. the fat elvis 6. apple pie fritter

i think you might have a problem now too. right!?

and to think that these are just a few of the flavor options. their menu is growing fast and it seems that every time i pop in there is a new irresistible must try. it's terrrrible! but at least we both have this problem, we're in it together now.

worst part? located less than 5 mins away from where i live. how dare they!

convenient and creatively tasty. yikes! i'm probably going to need to join some sort of a group now. see you there.

Pinkbox (2 of 3)

everyone should try the sweet potato cake, certainly one of my favorites. although on my last visit their newest addition was a coconut cream filled bar and oh my was it heavenly.

happy to call this my neighborhood doughnut shop and i can't wait to take my biff into Pinkbox the next time she is in town! when her and i get together we make doughnuts disappear. we're magical like that.

with moderation and whole lot of cardio hopefully me and my issues can come to an understanding.




the Foodcourt: Lefty O'douls'

Lefty O'doul's (6 of 7)
"buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks.." something something "root, root, root for the home team if they don't win it's shame. cuz' it's one, two, three strikes yer out at the ol' ball game!"

Lefty O'doul's (1 of 7)

i think i might have mentioned just how little i know about sports. first football, now baseball.. really what i am doing?!

i know, i know. i am just digging a hole here.

but where there is good food, i gladly travel into the unknown!

being honest Lefty O'douls' is hardly unknown. every time my fam visited san fran this bar was a regular stop for my dad. we would pop in and pick up a few of their hot hand-carved meat sandwiches and bring them back to our hotel room. perfect for helping with jet lag!

of course they offer way more than just sandwiches. serving up hearty american comfort food with specials that change daily and of course the everyday favorites that stick around. they have a cafeteria style setup for their food, so you order on one end and slide your way on down to grab a drink and pay.

fast, efficient, and totally satisfying.

Lefty O'doul's (2 of 7)

which day are you thinking of stopping in? i vote sunday.

Lefty O'doul's (3 of 7)

when i was little i was mesmerized with their giant turkey legs. getting to pretend you were eating dinner like the flinestones is solid gold to a 10 year old. so when my 25 year old self went back to this cozy little bar i ordered to make that 10 year old happy.

Lefty O'doul's (4 of 7)

mmm corned beef and cabbage.

Lefty O'doul's (5 of 7)
Lefty O'doul's (7 of 7)

comfort in a bar.

thanks dad for being totally irresponsible by taking me to bars late at night for food, one day maybe i'll get to make the same awesome mistakes ;)



the Foodcourt: Brenda's french soul food

Brenda's soul food (1 of 5)
seeing as how most of my vacation itinerary consists of trying new places to eat i thought i'd share a few, and what better way to start than with breakfast. Brenda's was a short walk from our motel and just a 15 min wait for a table.

breakfast, how i love you...  let's run away together.

Brenda's soul food (2 of 5)

Brenda's soul food (3 of 5)

magnificent dinning room! wow, i neeeed a mirror wall.

Brenda's soul food (4 of 5)

Brenda's soul food (5 of 5)

i had the banana fosters french toast. he had a cheese egg sandwich topped with bacon relish and a side of grits.

Brenda's also had variety of beignets on the menu. there were some filled with chocolate and apples soooo hard not to order them!

thanks for the breakfast San Fran






the Foodcourt: German Bread Bakery

German bread bakery 2

oh, the choices! adding another to the collection and filling a whole in my heart with the German Bread Bakery and their fabulous teilchen (pastries).

sprechen sie deutsch?

the few years i lived in Berlin i managed to not only pick up a little german but a giant appreciation for their lovely lovely pastries as well. okay, maybe not just their pastries more like ALL of their food in general but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

due to my dad's job growing up my family and i traveled every few years moving from post to post living on different continents  in different countries around the world. I got to see and experience so much and although it was hard to pick up and go every 3ish years it was how my siblings and i were raised, it was our norm. Berlin was my dad's last post before his retirement, he and my mom did a full circle with Germany since Bonn was their very first post when it was just the two of them. managing to raise 3 children with consistent moves and still keeping relatively sane is pretty much a job for super heroes. i can't thank them enough for taking on the feat and giving me one crazy great childhood!

thanks parents, you did good.

the first couple of months in any new city can be a bit overwhelming and a teensy bit traumatizing at times so i say again.

pastries. help.

they do! sure maybe you'd think you'd want to dive right into that touristy checklist but sometimes the first thing you do is walk down to the nearest bakery. even if that bakery is located inside a grocery store of which the name you cannot pronounce and so what if your ordering process is more pointing and noises than actual words. it's all good, it needed to be done.

German bread bakery

desperately needing a fix of all the pastries i grew to love in Berlin, i was over the moon when the German Bread Bakery opened.  hearing all the german chatter of customers waiting to buy their pastries and bread i knew this place had to be the REAL deal. with their variety of yummy carby german goods you'll be sure to find something you love, choose from  freshly made pretzels, strudel, bear claws, danish, poppy rolls, grain and rye breads!

something i've realized is that food speaks more loudly to me than just filling a hungry belly, it's a moment to relive a little happiness with a fond memory. these pastries remind me of that first awkward Berlin grocery store bakery visit with my dad and how i found such comfort in those sugary breads. these pastries remind me of friends, picnics by the sea, mind blowing visits to the edible floor of Ka De We, and my favorite family members.

does food speak to you too?

German pastries (8 of 8)

anything almond is pretty much a win in my book of pastries so it's no surprise it makes up 50% of my order. the almond horseshoe is my favorite of the bunch, marzipan rolled cookie covered in sliced almonds and dipped in dark chocolate. can we take a yum moment?


don't worry you can also find these decadent horseshoes at Trader Joe's for decent substitute if you can't find your way to the German Bread Bakery.

lessons learned?

eat a pastry, make a memory and remember to be happy.



the Foodcourt: Grouchy John's coffee (food truck)


the food truck scene has been sweeping the vegas streats and i am gladly reaping the benefits! i tried my first grouchy java treat at a First Friday earlier this year but have since made several repeat grouch mobile visits. unlike a lot of popular west coast cities vegas has very few local GOOD coffee shops and with Grouchy John's mobile caffeine success they have had the opportunity to open a recent store front. this is amazing to me! i love seeing vegas growing in this direction.

another delicious addition to add to the collection of tasty eats.


coffee date? see you there.







the Foodcourt: Casey's Cupcakes

this is the introductory post of my first blog feature, The Foodcourt. i am obsessed with trying new cupcake shops, bakeries, restaurants, food trucks, cafes, specialty foods shops, buffets...pretty much any place selling food! i've been eating in all types of different food settings my whole life all thanks to my dad and his job that had me and my family moving around the globe every few years. i made so many memories from all of my experiences and now i have the perfect opportunity to properly keep adding to my "collection". 



Caseys Cupcakes

this year we celebrated my sister's birthday by taking a much needed quick spa weekend away from Vegas. this was actually my first spa visit and let me tell was heavenly. wow! we stayed at the beautiful Mission Inn and attached to our hotel & spa was the cutest cupcake shop!


Caseys Cupcakes2
i'm pretty sure this was the most girlie-st cupcake shop i have ever been to!

Caseys Cupcakes3

a variety of flavors choices and they only use whipped cream frosting. this is my best's favorite frosting and i had her in mind with the first bite.

Caseys Cupcakes4
Caseys Cupcakes7

Caseys Cupcakes5

too pretty to eat..almost.

Caseys Cupcakes10

pink & black menu board

Caseys Cupcakes11 Caseys Cupcakes9
merchandise + self serving candy station.

Caseys Cupcakes12

she even had her own sweetly themed bath product line!

Caseys Cupcakes14

indulging in your girlie side is a must upon entering, don't forget to check this cupcake shop out if you ever find yourself in riverside, ca.