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Talent Show: Eliza Bennett

when i first saw that photo i wasn't sure exactly what i was looking at.

first glance all i saw was a callused hand but something wasn't right.. is that thread??


i couldn't imagine why someone would do that to their own hand? willing sew right through the top layer of your skin, ouchies. right? 

eliza bennett is an artist who deliveries a strong statement through her work of art 'woman's work is never done' by embroidering her skin to purposely look like calluses.

she used embroidery a skill that antiquatedly represents feminity and applied it to the opposite by boldy displaying her hard worked hand. eliza decided to do this to hopefully challenge the idea that a women's work is easy and delicate.

any person who has had a strong female role model in their life knows just how untrue those words are.

isn't that just amazing? the dedication, her thoughtfulness, those photos. that's what art is exactly supposed to do.. move you.

my family consists of a lot of tough, hard working, and callused hand women.

i aim to earn my own.

thanks for letting me share.



photos & original article by hi-fructose magazine.

Talent Show: Stanley Lau

i may be a little into comics.. maybe more than just a little. sshh..

while halloween costuming researching, i came across these spectacular ladies of the DC universe and found my way to stanley lau's (ArtGerm) deviantART page. wow, there is a lot of gorgeous happening in his gallery.

i couldn't resist sharing.





favorite? i can't pick! pretty much all badass.

help me choose.



Talent Show: Sylvia Ji

people are one of my biggest inspirations. to me it's truly mind blowing to see what beautiful things we are capable of being and creating. because people are doing some AMAZING things out there.

i mean out right jealously inducing fits of talent exist everywhere because great people keep doing their thing. living life and putting themselves out and in to the world for all to see. sharing those gifts is special and for me it's important to remember these talented individuals.

with my newest feature the 'Talent Show' i plan on doing just that!

Sylvia ji (17 of 24)

Sylvia ji (1 of 24)
awhile ago, for my eldest niece's sweet sixteen, we popped in a quick trip to LA to attend a gallery exhibit for Sylvia Ji.<insert squeal of joy!!>

i was over the moon excited to go since i had been dying to see her amazing pieces! a few years back i first saw this lovely lady's art in an issue of a magazine i stumbled on in the library, hi-fructose.. heard of it? ever since i can't help myself, if i see one in a barnes & noble it's coming home with me.

i was mesmerized by the magazine being filled with so many different types of artists working in such a wide variety of mediums. slowly thumbing eagerly through each page when i arrived at Sylvia Ji's feature it was like getting a present on your birthday! these intensely dark eyed enchanting women, with piles of pink hair held into place with flowers, adorned with live spiders was just pure magic. sure a little twisty and seemingly morose magic, but so much life lives on those her wooden canvases of hers.

forever a favorite.

Sylvia ji (2 of 24)

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my gorgeous niece! sixteen never looked so cool.

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instagraming as par usual. photos of taking photos

Sylvia ji (1 of 1)

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crazy talented artist herself! she was sweet to sign a post card for me. it's always a neat experience to get to tell someone how much you love what they clearly love so much.

the small gallery's busyness made for a pretty intimate gathering of people, which i thought was fitting to the mood and vibe of her showcase.

instantly in love again and again.

hope you enjoy as much as i do.




Sylvia ji (23 of 24)