the Foodcourt : blooming buns bakehouse


if you could only smell how amazing this box of carefully crafted, sugary-carby goodness is. i think i huffed it for a full 2-minutes at least! please no judging, as a reminder this space is a judgement free zone. 


a fairly new bakeshop which popped up in the same suite that retro bakery used to occupy. if you’ve been reading my blog (or would like to use the search function) you probably have seen my prior post/s about the beloved cupcake bakery. 


same, same but different. i recognize the space but blooming buns bakeshop has entirely different vibes than the former occupant. 

down to business.

let’s take a peek at the goods, the baked goods.


a few savory options if you are craving an everything “bagel” option.


a whole army of brionuts, which are doughnuts made from brioche dough.


the ube coconut cream brionut is out of this world! such a delicate, light and fluffy filling which i happily devoured in about 3 motivated bites. 


their cookies are so thicccc they gots buns.

SO many ube options makes my filipino heart happy, it’s hard not to take one of everything even though i basically did..

what did come home with me you ask?


iced intelligentsia mocha, naturally.


a selection of brionuts and cookiebuns.


ube bread pudding? yes, absolutely. 

its rad getting to enjoy ube in 4 different ways from one single bakery haul. they are also known for their honeycomb candy that they make, a local ice cream shop uses it in one of their ice cream flavors (which yes, happens to be an ube flavor). 

don’t forget to follow this tasty bakery on instagram for updates.

happy eating!



A look back: September 2020

I'm constantly wondering how this space will evolve and maybe one day eventually end.
social medias have taken over because its faster, more to the point and honestly easier to engage with people on. 

who reads blogs still anyways? I'm not even a real blogger.

but still I always find myself wanting to capture, reflect and share parts of my little life. I'm a Virgo who likes words too. I enjoy instagram and do not use facebook but even that hasn't very enjoyable for me lately. . I usually over think these blog posts and would never even dream to use iPhone 11 photos. but 2020 has been rough for everyone so I am going with the casual approach because I can’t think of the last time I picked up my DSLR.

I have two recipes I want share but right now I thought I'd go with a September (mostly food) photo recap.. birth month wasn't the worst even though yes, we are still very much in the weirds (pandemic).



THE  cheesiest, smoothest mashed potatoes, one beautifully poached egg  + toasted baguette slices were out of this world. the crispy potatoes are a must, trust me.



Egg Sammie. 

my peanutella + PB n’ J cookies travelled (frozen) to a different state but of course I needed to do a taste test bake. delish, and peanut butter cookies aren’t even in the top five for me.


A LOT of avocado toast this month.

surprise doughnut delivery from my favorite person..


thai tea brûlée slush from Tea Maison



Chinatown adventures. what’s your favorite treat at 85°? I ADORE their egg tarts but I always pick up something new with each visit.


special birthday delivery from a special friend who understands my deep love for cookies + Christina Tosi. 

day/night lewks.


throughly obsessed with the short rib fried rice fried from Le Thai.

downtown (mild) shenanigans.

coffee + cake (buttermilk blueberry lemon breakfast cake. recipe coming!)

kale caesar salad with salmon + homemade sourdough croutons. SUPER yum and definitely would repeat this first time meal. I used Shutterbean’s recipes as a guideline for the Caesar salad dressing & croutons.


told you.



What a trip to the Korean grocery store looks like. I love Asian snacks everything.

homemade monggo with chicharron + shrimp. one of my Filipino favorites! I’m so happy to have an adaptable recipe that is so super easy to make. doesn’t even take long to cook and keeps extremely well in the fridge for leftovers.

work is easier with cookies.

mr mama’s breakfast outing. happy birthday Sam.

furry friend round up!

super cute lunch date at Sweet Honey Dessert + a quick pit stop to Tea Maison.


lobster balls (and other snack use) from Easy Life.


breakfast fried rice. the best way to use leftover rice! garlic, bacon, egg + green onion. staple in my house.


chicken salad for easy workday lunches. deboned a hatch green chile rotisserie chicken from Sprouts added mayo, salt n’ spice, diced red onion + lemon juice.


last September I had a wedge salad at Flemings, changed my life and never looked back. I think I ate like 6 wedge salads this past month.
iceberg lettuce + halved cherry tomatoes + crispy bacon + blue cheese crumbles + sliced red onion + blue cheese dressing. pro tip, salt and a splash of red wine vinegar on the sliced onions.

September 2020 was challenging, like how I said earlier this whole year has been. I guess I don’t need to really remind anyone of that. we’ve all been experiencing our own battles and a couple of shared ones. stress & anxiety might be running high but this is my reminder to stop and have some conscious gratitude for the positive moments in life. it can be alarmingly easy to lose yourself when things are harder but there is a ton love when you pay attention. 

maybe that’s what this space is going to be for, a reminder to pay attention. 

be kind to yourself, god knows I’m trying.

- rita 


the Foodcourt: tsp. baking company


hello lover.


local veteran vegas baker does it again with the tsp. baking company!


mini cupcakes can have as MANY cupcakes as you'd like because i mean come on.. they are pretty much cake samples.

yes, think of them as samples. you're welcome.


let's get down to business.



vanilla cake with graham on top with cheesecake frosting.



chocolate cake topped with peanut butter frosting.


cinnamon french toast.

cinnamon cake topped with maple frosting.


brownie batter.

chocolate cake with brownie batter frosting.


party cake.

confetti cake with vanilla bean frosting dipped in rainbow jimmy sprinkles.


kari's cake has been in my top 3 for almost a decade, i truly get excited each time i get to take these babies home. 

the cake is dense but moist and extremely flavorful without being too crazy sweet, which is exactly the way i like my cake.

i always thought i didn't care that much for buttercream frosting but it turns out i had actually just been eating the wrong kind of buttercream.

here is a tsp original.. wait for it...!




got to have a cinnamon roll too. 

it would be straight up rude not to.. manners are super important.


basically it is a flaky pastry dough filled with sugar & rainbow sprinkles, then it gets smothered in vanilla bean frosting and even MORE rainbow sprinkles!




they are magical, eat one or 5.


 cookie corner.



an old cozy classic, oatmeal raisin cookie.



cinnamon sugar cookie has a special spot in my heart since it was probably one of the first cookies i ever tried of kari's and the cinnamon buttercream is DIVINE


last but very very certainly not least, a lemon cookie.

these are the perfect amount of sour to sweet ratio, when it comes to lemon desserts that is an extremely important factor on how much i will like it. 


this is just a taste of what the tsp baking company has to offer since i didn't even mention the ice cream.. yes, they also have ice cream because why not?

hopefully i've convinced you to make the trip for a sweet treat because i think i have convinced myself.

i can see the future, be there shortly.

see you there? we can have a cupcake date. 

happy eating!!




the Foodcourt: Sprinkles Cupcakes las vegas


Sprinkles cupcakes moved in to town!

not only did vegas finally get their own Sprinkles location it's their biggest shop so far. promising offers of not only their highly praised cupcakes but ice cream and cookies as well.

where did they choose to set up? the Linq.


yes i admit it. my entire motivation to visit the LinQ was in fact, cake.

marie antoinette syndrome? is that a thing? that could totally be a real thing..hrm. not exactly good though.

anyways let's collectively agree and understand that this is the norm for me. seeking out sweets and going on adventures inspired by compelling eats at a moments notice. what i'm saying is..get used to it because it's just going to keep happening around here.

it's just what i do, i am a hungry girl with a story to tell and this is just the beginning of my collection.


don't want to see people? really need a delicious pick me up mini morsel of cake in the asap variety?

skip those glass doors and head straight to their cupcake ATM located right outside. available 24hrs so that you can insert money and receive cupcake anytime you need to.

psst..fellas listen up, if you messed up something fierce in the lady department forgiveness is at your disposal at your earliest convenience.


hello tasty friends, so happy you moved to my town.



these are the cupcakes that set the bar in my opinion. I highly respect the level of consistency in their quality. no matter which shop you happen to buy from, you'll be sure to always get the same tasting heavenly cupcakes.


at the largest Sprinkles location you can be sure to have your cake and eat your ice cream too.

yes, i did say cookies earlier. of course they have those too.



red velvet waffle cones, you totally win.


i mean come on. how dreamy was that ice cream corner?


what went home with me?


1. vanilla 2. strawberry 3. cinnamon sugar 4. red velvet 5. dark chocolate


one of their red velvet cupcakes can fix almost anything. smiles are just unavoidable.



the Foodcourt: Suite 106 Cupcakery


a few months ago before heading home on a trip to california with my sister we popped into to this cute bakery in rancho cucamonga. usually when i travel i prep a few bookmarks on yelp but this particular bookmark was from my sister.


right off the famous route 66 nestled in a quiet strip of shops is Suite 106 Cupcakery. if that name sounds familiar maybe you're like me and remember seeing them on Cupcake Wars. once my sis started telling me about her bookmarked bakery i remembered that i'd seen them on television. i'm not a devoted fan of the show but i did watch the first season and i usually have the food network on when i am at home so i get my fair share of episodes in. the contestants on that show always blow me away with what they are able to do in those crazy stressed time baking sessions, its just insane!

bake 4 dozen cupcakes in an unfamiliar kitchen completely from scratch, you have 45 mins AND go! pffff girl pleeease.


i like what i see, i like it a lot.

cupcake jar? you shut up. what is that?? i obvs need like four of those.


my sis liked what she saw too and dove right in to ordering while i took a peep around.


someone whipped those cupcake boxes into shape! these guys are obvious professionals.


i have a thing for couches, the more fancy and ridiculous the better. built in and velvety soft? okay, yes you're doing things right.


my turn at the case. time to be my most annoying self and spend an obscene amount of time being super indecisive about which treats to pick. note to self, all of them is not the correct choice..ever. no matter what voices whisper otherwise.





with two cupcake war wins under this bakery's belt their cupcake cake selection was extraordinary. i love the dark brown liners super neat and tidy. they're like a silent classic tribute to Sprinkles the cupcake shop that started it all. not to mention whose owner, Candance Nelson, is one the three main judges on the show cupcake wars.


last photo i promise! the cuppies were too photogenic. very pristine california cupcakery, so happy we decided to make the stop. we packed up our cupcake loot with as much care as possible for the car ride home to vegas.

uh i may or may not have devoured one of their red velvet whoopie pies within an extremely small amount of time upon leaving..and it was delicious!


my order:

1. pancakes n' bacon 2. coconut cream 3. loaded peanut butter 4. christy's southern red velvet 5. chocolate covered strawberry 6. double chocolate

number 3 & 5 were specials and are not on regular rotation so i am lucky to have tried them. fairy new fan of peanut butter i couldn't resist the loaded peanut butter coma.. do you see that beast?! nutter butters aaand reese's pieces.. oh em gee you guys.

pancakes n' bacon was probably my favorite out of the bunch. bacon, hello. yep, still riding that train.

i am also a little bit of a red velvet cake snob and must try one from every new bakery i go to. it's sad to say i get more fails then passes but i will probably continue doing it. it's an obligation and a duty! tough job.. someone has got to do it. Suite 106 gets double pass as their red velvet cake was super yummy, mm mm good job.

until my next indulgence!




the Foodcourt: Retro Bakery

Retros collage

i've been looking for the perfect moment to share one of my near and dear to my heart bakeries.. it couldn't just be a whatever whatever wednesday. no no not for this local home town hero. i needed that extra dash of sprinkles to celebrate the entirety of their goodness!

what better way than with a birthday, their 6th birthday.

Retros 6th-8

the first time i discovered Retro Bakery was a bit before their 2nd birthday right at the beginning of the cupcake craze that took over america. i was one of the many that fell victim to the cake & frosting frenzy which only grew after a visit to Sprinkles cupcakes in LA. when i returned home to vegas i was determined to seek out and destroy all cupcake bakeries that existed but to my surprise there wasn't very many in vegas at the time.

no expectations- just a name, an address and a hopeful promise of cake from google i set out to find retro.

SO happy i did, no regrets, and more importantly no disappointments!!

Retros 6th-7

i am beyond lucky to get to have seen this little cupcake bakery grow to become such buttercream superstars.

Retros 6th-3

cupcakes are their bread and butter but the cookies are unavoidably addictive.

the cinnamon sugar cookie is my FAV *drools*

Retros 6th-2

Retros 6th-4

Retros 6th-5

kari and brian are the owners and you can tell just how much they love their sugar baby child retro.

you can find them either ringing up your order at the register or going in and out of the bat cave. you know.. beyond the counter where the real magic happens.

always prepped with smiles and friendly hellos, they are great people.

Retros 6th-6

an amazing game that happens every birthday - hidden numbers (this year they were 6's) are placed on the bottoms of random cupcakes in the case and should you find one you win a FREE dozen cupcakes.

happy hunting!

Retros 6th-9

free mini cupcake that i totally devoured for breakfast.

this bakery is so special even Johnny Cupcakes stopped by in 2010 for his suitcase tour and YES of course i was there. there is even video proof - did you spot me? i brought him a little gift.

Retros collage2
my order:

1- birthday cake 2- chocolate covered strawberry 3- milk and cookies 4- cotton candy 5- apple cider 6- maple bacon 7- salted caramel 8- pistachio 9- red carpet 10- pucker up 11- coffee & donuts

not pictured, s'mores... he had an accident. accidentally fell into my mouth before the picture could happen, oopsies.

Retros 6th-14

guess what?! found a 6! wahooo.

free future cake, scoooore!

my waistline may be wanting to cry a little. however i think i have almost found my perfect yoga to dessert ratio of okay i can still fit in my clothes.

getting there.. its a journey.

Retros 6th-10

sharing is caring and i shared my love for retro's cupcakes with my family. even though i have to say it's a little sad to see one go without having had a nibble.. i can't help it! they are that good.

every chance i get i am always spreading the word and converting as many folks as i can into retro bakery fans.

friends who cake together, stay together.



Retros 6th-13



the Foodcourt: the Upper Crust pie bakery

Upper crust (1 of 14)

I know you saw the sign.. that's right it's PIE time!

as i come to a close with my kansas city trip posts it's making me a little sad not having my biff around. especially today, her birthday! i miss and love her dearly.

our visit to the upper crust was such a delight and going through these photos it made me crave a sweet carby outing with my friend who is so dang far away.

i don't think i have ever been to such a charming pie bakery and this one has set the bar for future bakeries. it was cold day out and the shop couldn't have been any more warm and inviting. and the smell! oh my goodness. butter baby, glorious buuutter.

heavenly. heaven smells like butter.

Upper crust (11 of 14)

take home non-edible cuteness right upon entry.

Upper crust (8 of 14)

Upper crust (7 of 14)

it's true. pie can fix quite a few problemos.

Upper crust (2 of 14)

Upper crust (3 of 14)

regular sized and a bunch of littles.

Upper crust (6 of 14)

Upper crust (5 of 14)

soft spot for the non edibles..hrm i wonder why. more accessories and i went home with a few buttons that expressed my love for baked goods.

thank you SO much to the gracious people of Upper Crust who let me go photo stupid in their pie haven. i had too good of time trying to capture your cozy corner of kansas.

Upper crust (4 of 14)

Upper crust (12 of 14)

Upper crust (13 of 14)

my biff and i ended up sharing a little brambleberry pie and strawberry rhubarb pie. we popped by a frozen custard place and got some vanilla to a la mode the heck out of our crusty fruity treasure.

pie and vanilla custard are best friends.. the BEST friends.

p.s. their shortbread cookie changed my life like whoa. it's the damn butter, gets me every time.

happy birthday biff! i hope this makes you smile and reminds you of all the fab times we've had and will have. love you for forever.



Upper crust (14 of 14)

the Foodcourt: Pinkbox Doughnuts


we're friends here, right? i can talk honestly, share my thoughts.. no harsh judging or stern finger pointing? phew, good.

because i think i have a problem.

a big-round-hole-in-the-middle kind of problem. sometimes my problem is baked, but most times it's deep fried. yeasty doughy and often dipped, glazed, and sugared.

seriously you guys, i just dough nut know what to do.


Pinkbox doughnuts is a greatly welcomed new little business. i have always been envious of great doughnut cities like seattle, nyc, la, and portland because i felt like vegas lacked a little in that department.

now don't get me wrong there are some solid options for the more "traditional" doughnuts but i wanted creativity and interesting flavor combinations. i wanted bacon on my maple bar, dammit!

but in december of 2012, i got my wish.

Pinkbox (1 of 3)

of course their boxes are pink.. how could they not be?

Pinkbox 2

my order:

1. campfire s'mores 2. chocolate glazed 3. sweet potato cake 4. cinnamon spice cake 5. the fat elvis 6. apple pie fritter

i think you might have a problem now too. right!?

and to think that these are just a few of the flavor options. their menu is growing fast and it seems that every time i pop in there is a new irresistible must try. it's terrrrible! but at least we both have this problem, we're in it together now.

worst part? located less than 5 mins away from where i live. how dare they!

convenient and creatively tasty. yikes! i'm probably going to need to join some sort of a group now. see you there.

Pinkbox (2 of 3)

everyone should try the sweet potato cake, certainly one of my favorites. although on my last visit their newest addition was a coconut cream filled bar and oh my was it heavenly.

happy to call this my neighborhood doughnut shop and i can't wait to take my biff into Pinkbox the next time she is in town! when her and i get together we make doughnuts disappear. we're magical like that.

with moderation and whole lot of cardio hopefully me and my issues can come to an understanding.




a San Fran saturday

i wish every saturday could start like this one...

Ferry Building (1 of 16)

with a trip to the market..

Ferry Building (2 of 16)

a good cup of coffee.

Ferry Building (4 of 16)

sweet places filled with the prettiest of cookies.

Ferry Building (3 of 16)

  Ferry Building (5 of 16)

Ferry Building (6 of 16)

it's ok..get a little fancy.

Ferry Building (7 of 16)

some chocolate wouldn't hurt either.

Ferry Building (9 of 16)

  Ferry Building (10 of 16)

pick up some posh vanilla to make your home goodies extra tasty.

Ferry Building (11 of 16)

Ferry Building (8 of 16)

fall a little bit in love with ceramics.

Ferry Building (13 of 16)

delicious dinner bites? yes, must have those too.

Ferry Building (12 of 16)

  Ferry Building (17 of 17)

  Ferry Building (14 of 16)

  Ferry Building (15 of 16)

  Ferry Building (16 of 16)

these mushrooms made me beyond happy.

they remind me of my Tita Betty when she'd take me morel mushroom hunting in the forrest's of france.

well now that's a whole different kind of favorite saturday..

these shots were taken at the Ferry Building Marketplace, a must visit in San Francisco. they have an outside farmers market a few days a week and some mighty fine eats!

what is your perfect saturday?