Talent Show: Eliza Bennett

when i first saw that photo i wasn't sure exactly what i was looking at.

first glance all i saw was a callused hand but something wasn't right.. is that thread??


i couldn't imagine why someone would do that to their own hand? willing sew right through the top layer of your skin, ouchies. right? 

eliza bennett is an artist who deliveries a strong statement through her work of art 'woman's work is never done' by embroidering her skin to purposely look like calluses.

she used embroidery a skill that antiquatedly represents feminity and applied it to the opposite by boldy displaying her hard worked hand. eliza decided to do this to hopefully challenge the idea that a women's work is easy and delicate.

any person who has had a strong female role model in their life knows just how untrue those words are.

isn't that just amazing? the dedication, her thoughtfulness, those photos. that's what art is exactly supposed to do.. move you.

my family consists of a lot of tough, hard working, and callused hand women.

i aim to earn my own.

thanks for letting me share.



photos & original article by hi-fructose magazine.

thirty one.

Day 31 (2 of 3)
i had reeeally hoped that this last day of this challenge would have been me in my costume.. but sadly it still hasn't made it's way to me. some things just aren't meant to be ..i guess.

my halloween plans will involve pjs, hard ciders, horror movies and pleeenty of candy. talk about trick or treat on the real. but you know what? i couldn't be any more happy with that in this moment. turning frowns upside down over here.

caramel apple pops, take 5s, gummi bears and licorice will keeping me company tonight. also about to find out what s'mores candy corn is all about..i couldn't help myself! they're not going to be good but i just need to know that for sure.

happy halloween everyone!!

and thank you for putting up with this face of mine. challenge finished!



Day 31 (3 of 3)


Day 30 (1 of 2)
pumpkin love - pumpkin everything.

its halloween eve! tomorrow kiddies will be searching for candies while some adults may be partaking in a few alcoholic beverages. either way it's an eyeful of entertainment ..especially in vegas.

i had hoped to be in full costume embracing the holiday but my outfit is still m.i.a. so that really isn't an option. lame, right?! grr, i'm so mad about the whole thing i may just scream refuuuund.

all i can say is more candy please! 

cupcake scarf a la' twinkie chan ..obvs. if you crochet you must pick up her book so you can make some goodies of your own. they make great gifts for the holidays!



p.s. it was so weird/awesome to type 'thirty'

Day 30 (2 of 2)



twenty nine.

Day 29 (1 of 2)

hiding in black & white.

oh hello there, again! are you guys as sick of my face as i am? don't worry just two more days.

i've slowly begun looking back and it's pretty cool to see the progression of this whole journey. can't wait to see it as a whole collective finished project. getting so close!

i've been thinking of sharing some extra photos, maybe out takes (there are some terribly dumb ones), and maybe some peoples favorites too when this is all over. let me know if there are any that stand out to you, curious learner over here!



Day 29 (2 of 2)

twenty eight.

Day 28 (1 of 2)

candy robot, that is all.

halloween gives you an excuse to put on a pink wig, go craazay with some eye make up and dust yourself completely in shimmer powder.

i am now a little bit more positive about these last remaining days of this photo challenge. hello, i can just keep wearing costumes right? its october and its almost halloween - the ending to this challenge. perf!

we'll see.

if you'd like to wear some candy of your own stoopidgerl is wear i got both my necklace and ring. yum, right?



Day 28 (2 of 2)

twenty six.

Day 26
sooo... it's not halloween just yet but i promised a friend a visit out to her bar and we had a too good a time. costume contest, friendly people, and smidge more than a bit of alcohol.

that should also explain up why 26 is late.. oh and hello cell phone photos too (memory card fail)

true blood fan forever but this was an old costume with a little extra sparkle, my real one is lost somewhere in mail land.

also this morning was harsh, no lie.

hope everyone who was celebrating last night was safe and had a fab time!



Day 26 (2)



twenty five.

Day 25 (1 of 1)
funny words from my favorite podcast, warm latte, breezy autumn evening.

i am FALLing in love with fall all over again. every year it's the beginning to all the best cozy times.

my FAV podcast? duh.. the joy the baker podcast, joy and tracy shutterbean (that's her last name, obviously) are unbelievably wonderful together. any time i am really missing my biff it's a great pick me up for a little girl talk.

another in the homefries family that i reeeally enjoy is the table set podcast. andy, greg and nathan inspire me to throw the raddest dinner/breakfast/tiki/pool/holiday parties - they are masters in proper entertaining. high brow, low brow.

can't go wrong with doug benson especially when he partners up with his lady friend karen and they eat food and chat about it. magical!

are you into any podcasts? i'd love to maybe have one some time, eep.



Day 25 (1 of 2)

twenty four.

Day 24 (1 of 3)

my place is within walking distance of trader joes and that's the coolest thing about where i live since there are only 2 of there locations in las vegas. at least the last i checked?

i am there a lot. i see my neighbors in there.. some of those folks who work there may know my name. total frequent shopper for sure.

Day 24 (3 of 3)

yes, i bought a pumpkin pie. i like mine on a plate with some whipped cream or with some ice cream in a blender and a straw.

i love this little grocery store and how they flow with the seasons. i get completely mesmerized with their new seasonal items, its terrible. welcoming back adored fall favorites does always help get me in the mood since sometimes the weather doesn't always cooperate. this year vegas has been pretty lucky with the great weather we have been having though. always the little things that help.

any time i sport my twinkie chan gear in public.. i make new friends. crocheted cuteness just attracts the peoples. pumpkin hat is an autumn win for sure! you want one? take.

slowly falling into fall over here, how are you all doing with it?



Day 24 (2 of 3)

twenty three.

Day 23 (2 of 2)

feeling angsty about these photos today..

grrr, with a punch in the face.

teen time flashbacks and still wearing too much damn eye liner..

xo rumor xo (biff!)



Day 23 (1 of 2)

twenty two.

Day 22 (2 of 2)
it's a little strange having paintings of yourself.. on the real, especially when there are multiples.

these gifts from my sister and sister-in-law are so special to me but make me feel a tad over flattered. they hang out in my work room so i can treasure them and everyone who comes over doesn't have to think i am completely vain. win, win since not too many people (unless you are special) hang out in my photog space.

i admire most how artists decide to capture you.. each and every person wears so many different faces.

that's what this whole challenge is about so here are three of mine in one go.



Day 22 (1 of 2)