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the Foodcourt: Sprinkles Cupcakes las vegas


Sprinkles cupcakes moved in to town!

not only did vegas finally get their own Sprinkles location it's their biggest shop so far. promising offers of not only their highly praised cupcakes but ice cream and cookies as well.

where did they choose to set up? the Linq.


yes i admit it. my entire motivation to visit the LinQ was in fact, cake.

marie antoinette syndrome? is that a thing? that could totally be a real thing..hrm. not exactly good though.

anyways let's collectively agree and understand that this is the norm for me. seeking out sweets and going on adventures inspired by compelling eats at a moments notice. what i'm saying is..get used to it because it's just going to keep happening around here.

it's just what i do, i am a hungry girl with a story to tell and this is just the beginning of my collection.


don't want to see people? really need a delicious pick me up mini morsel of cake in the asap variety?

skip those glass doors and head straight to their cupcake ATM located right outside. available 24hrs so that you can insert money and receive cupcake anytime you need to.

psst..fellas listen up, if you messed up something fierce in the lady department forgiveness is at your disposal at your earliest convenience.


hello tasty friends, so happy you moved to my town.



these are the cupcakes that set the bar in my opinion. I highly respect the level of consistency in their quality. no matter which shop you happen to buy from, you'll be sure to always get the same tasting heavenly cupcakes.


at the largest Sprinkles location you can be sure to have your cake and eat your ice cream too.

yes, i did say cookies earlier. of course they have those too.



red velvet waffle cones, you totally win.


i mean come on. how dreamy was that ice cream corner?


what went home with me?


1. vanilla 2. strawberry 3. cinnamon sugar 4. red velvet 5. dark chocolate


one of their red velvet cupcakes can fix almost anything. smiles are just unavoidable.



peak inside The LinQ

LinQ shops

the Strip is not really a place that vegas locals frequent. in fact most 702 residents have a few tricks for how to avoid Las Vegas blvd entirely even if we need to get to other side of it.

there are ways, we have ways.

it's not that the adult playground isn't littered with crazy cool things to see, do and eat. it's just taken over by crowds and crowds of people. so many many cars, with so many different license plates.. which means people are taking their time and enjoying the sights. which means traffic moves exactly 2 miles an hour. 

i'm not hating! i get it, this is what the folks come to see and partake in. so snap your photos. keep making those crazy lane changes because the lady on google maps keeps re routing you since you can't seem to find your hotel because you booked a room at the Hard Rock and that isn't on the Strip but you really insisted it was.

the Strip is forever changing, always evolving. things added - buildings imploded, just a few small spaces seem forever unchanged but really nothing is permanent here.

when a new spot opens that really catches my attention i will put on my adventuring pants and head on out using every back road i can to go take a peak or bite at my latest must visit.

The LinQ was a must but i won't tell you my main reason just yet. hrm.. i am sure you might be able to to figure it out though.

LinQ shops-16

i hadn't really known what to expect.. presumed it'd be the usual shops, food, OH and a GIANT ferris wheel. yea, one of those too.

the polaroid fotobar was a fun surprise!

LinQ shops-3

they had the raddest options of printing your photographs. really neat displays, photo books, and storing cases galore.

you could also purchase these adorable instant Polaroid cameras *raises hand* uh, one for me please! one of those little babies would be the perfect accessory for summer in my book. getting to capture all of those sweet moments and actually hold them in your hand or being able to put them into a journal sound so fun.

LinQ shops-4

even though i didn't dabble the fotobar was where i could get in to some serious trouble. there is a fleet of beautiful computers allowing you access to log in to your instagram account (ritabakes) to print as many of your insta-beauties as you'd like.

for only a dollar you get a polaroid style print and even have the option to add captions within the base of the frames. in our digital age it's not as common to have sharable tangible photographs and this makes for a fun, easy way to change that.

LinQ shops-5

planned adventures for a later date with a special friend.

LinQ shops-6

uh oh, my motivation is showing.

LinQ shops-9

LinQ shops-10

after the months and months it took to build the High Roller it was very cool seeing it in action. it takes over an hour for a complete ride and i hear the sights are stunning.

especially at night after the sun has set all of the pods light up in different colors and they look extra glamorous.

LinQ shops-8

easily distracted by sweet things. not to mention how much this chocolaty place reminds me of my beloved san francisco.

LinQ shops-13

LinQ shops-11

LinQ shops-12

LinQ shops-14

they had all of the flavors! holiday varieties, seasonal and the limiteds.refraining was not an easy task.

salted dark chocolate is in my top 3 pick favorites! also sort of a sucker for cookies and creme.

LinQ shops-15

mmm. what are your favs? if your answer is "chocolate really isn't my thing" i am sorry but i don't think we can be friends anymore. deal breaker!

LinQ shops-20

welcome to the purple zebra. slurpees on steroids. and by steriods i mean al-co-hol.

LinQ shops-21

at first i was convinced i was in a candy store but things didn't seem totally right. then i realized it was WAY waay better than a candy store.

LinQ shops-18

the Wall.

step one: pick your vessel.

sexy lady leg anyone?

LinQ shops-17

approach the wall of endless possibilities and black out potential.

LinQ shops-19

a lovely lady from behind the gate will fill up your jug with your heart's desire. they hand out samples and offer free advice on tasty mixes but ultimately you do what you like here.

see the Strip really is an adult playground, it is it's own life force separate from the normal that surrounds it.

LinQ shops-7

as i keep dabbling at all the wonders in my backyard, i'll keep sharing.

happy eating