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LA weekend via iphone

i spent my last weekend celebrating in LA with a very special birthday girl and her most lovely sister who's actually MY birthday twin (september first!). i am SO happy to know these special ladies so of course i had the greatest time getting to visit.

the two planned and sprinkled in a few incredible surprises making me feel oh so special and truly making it a weekend FULL of fun. lots of laughs, food, chatting, new friends, beyonce listening, excellent coffee and really just much needed girl time.

this is my sneaky weekend recap through my iphone but don't worry i'll be sharing the good stuff soon.

jet setter, it's in my roots. i used to be a window seater but i've converted to aisle.


hello los angeles.


yum, can i move in?


milk & cookies, be still my heart.


love at first sight, i'm moving in.

Six Seveneight

which would you pick for the ball?

you have no power over me.

finally! its been a long time coming but i finally found you.


cheese on cheese on pork on cheese.


a lesson was learned at this very coffee shop and that is that dave franco is absolutely not zac efron.


shaking off my camera shame. yea i'm taking photos of you doing totally normal things.. mind yo business! i get that it's just your morning coffee or whatever. but it's just not.




pinoy pride.


best/worst photo of us, because we didn't take not a single other one. story of my life.


i think my heart actually stopped when i came around the corner of the dimly lit gallery hallway, my boots sliding to a complete stop on the shiny slippery wood floors and i couldn't take another step. could this be truly what was on the other side of that tall gray wall?!

yep and then i died.


a little over dramatic? but seriously..unending excitement i fan-girled so hard over this unexpected gem.


had to, even if i had to break the rules juuust little. i could not NOT sneak at least a few the man of steel costumes, i mean come on its freaking superman!

FIDM's whole exhibit was stunning and was so surreal to see familiar movie attire from recent films like pacific rim, hunger games, anna karenina, ender's game, and saving mr banks to name a few.

found a favorite of my dad's while we were picking up things from a turkish market for our birthday get together.


chocolate guinness cake the requested birthday choice found from bleubird blog. kels and i were getting good at kitchen dancing hustling away before and after people arrived.


drunk in love.


'black people + vigorous jazz hands = the female orgasm' - winner.

21+ cards against humanity, it's already in my amazon shopping cart.

how did i not know of this game?! PERF


pure magic behind that counter.. wow.


so nice i had to have it twice.

see you later LAX.