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a trip to MaximuM comics

Maximum comics-4

sunday's are the best. i don't have a typical mon-fri, 9-5 but when i do get to have a weekend day off sunday is the one i get excited about it. this coveted day usually means brunch, lazy snuggles, and really really excellent night for television. it doesn't seem to matter which month or season we are in sunday nights are when the very best come out and strut their stuff.

on this particular sunday night we welcome the return of the fourth season of game of thrones in all of it's glory. it's been many months we have been a part my friend and i can't tell you how excited i am to get reacquainted.

buuut before i head in to the kitchen and start cooking up storm fit enough for the king (or queen) of the iron throne i thought i'd share an equally nerdy adventure.

Maximum comics

one of my best-est pals took me to his favorite comic book store a few weeks ago - MaximuM comics. i heard a lot about this place from friends and couldn't wait to finally take a peep.

Maximum comics-2

Maximum comics-3

for real.. save the date. SAVE IT! free comic book day is always the first saturday in may.

Maximum comics-5

this place was AWESOME they had something for every nerd heart that could ever exist. all of their fun accessories kept catching my eye, i am a sucker for the little items.

Maximum comics-10

Maximum comics-8

archie comics were some of my first i ever read. traveling with the fam bam they were always floating around.

Maximum comics-9


geeky, nerdy, artsy prints.

Maximum comics-22

introduced to a local vegas team doing some very crafty things and wielding some super sized talent. their website is going to get me in trouble but i have to own a few of their phone cases and at leeeast a print..or two.

Maximum comics-13

Maximum comics-11

under lock and key.

Maximum comics-7

cray to the cray. did you notice her on a recent episode of arrow?

Maximum comics-12

Maximum comics-15

you guys already know my obsession with day of the dead ladies.

Maximum comics-18

batman and i just hanging out.. he is kind of grump. also note to self, work on your superhero pose.

Maximum comics-17

no one can escape the lasso of truth.

Maximum comics-16

Maximum comics-19

sooo how many of these do you guys already own? i spy the ones that live at my house >_<

Maximum comics-21

impressed with all the goodies and treasures that filled this comic store. the customer service was above and beyond. i was over the moon to find out one of the favorite graphic novels was released the day we popped in for a visit but immediately defeated when i heard they were sold out. magically before i left i managed to have the third volume of Saga and the hugest SMILE on my face. being the only girl that was in the store maybe really sorta totally had it's perks.

Maximum comics-6

i left one happy lady and will most certainly be back on free comic day to join in on the festivities!! perhaps a little cosplay action, uh oh.

thanks for coming with on my visit and i hope you had as much fun as i did.

happy game of thrones premiere night :)



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