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the Foodcourt: Retro Bakery

Retros collage

i've been looking for the perfect moment to share one of my near and dear to my heart bakeries.. it couldn't just be a whatever whatever wednesday. no no not for this local home town hero. i needed that extra dash of sprinkles to celebrate the entirety of their goodness!

what better way than with a birthday, their 6th birthday.

Retros 6th-8

the first time i discovered Retro Bakery was a bit before their 2nd birthday right at the beginning of the cupcake craze that took over america. i was one of the many that fell victim to the cake & frosting frenzy which only grew after a visit to Sprinkles cupcakes in LA. when i returned home to vegas i was determined to seek out and destroy all cupcake bakeries that existed but to my surprise there wasn't very many in vegas at the time.

no expectations- just a name, an address and a hopeful promise of cake from google i set out to find retro.

SO happy i did, no regrets, and more importantly no disappointments!!

Retros 6th-7

i am beyond lucky to get to have seen this little cupcake bakery grow to become such buttercream superstars.

Retros 6th-3

cupcakes are their bread and butter but the cookies are unavoidably addictive.

the cinnamon sugar cookie is my FAV *drools*

Retros 6th-2

Retros 6th-4

Retros 6th-5

kari and brian are the owners and you can tell just how much they love their sugar baby child retro.

you can find them either ringing up your order at the register or going in and out of the bat cave. you know.. beyond the counter where the real magic happens.

always prepped with smiles and friendly hellos, they are great people.

Retros 6th-6

an amazing game that happens every birthday - hidden numbers (this year they were 6's) are placed on the bottoms of random cupcakes in the case and should you find one you win a FREE dozen cupcakes.

happy hunting!

Retros 6th-9

free mini cupcake that i totally devoured for breakfast.

this bakery is so special even Johnny Cupcakes stopped by in 2010 for his suitcase tour and YES of course i was there. there is even video proof - did you spot me? i brought him a little gift.

Retros collage2
my order:

1- birthday cake 2- chocolate covered strawberry 3- milk and cookies 4- cotton candy 5- apple cider 6- maple bacon 7- salted caramel 8- pistachio 9- red carpet 10- pucker up 11- coffee & donuts

not pictured, s'mores... he had an accident. accidentally fell into my mouth before the picture could happen, oopsies.

Retros 6th-14

guess what?! found a 6! wahooo.

free future cake, scoooore!

my waistline may be wanting to cry a little. however i think i have almost found my perfect yoga to dessert ratio of okay i can still fit in my clothes.

getting there.. its a journey.

Retros 6th-10

sharing is caring and i shared my love for retro's cupcakes with my family. even though i have to say it's a little sad to see one go without having had a nibble.. i can't help it! they are that good.

every chance i get i am always spreading the word and converting as many folks as i can into retro bakery fans.

friends who cake together, stay together.



Retros 6th-13