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i feel half hearted for this year's turkey day, i am excited & grateful to be able to enjoy the day and all that it'll have to offer to its fullest. however i feel like this is going to be the last "traditional" one that my whole fam will be attending. there is so much chatter and planning for all these new adventures that will be happening for 2014 that i can't help but be left with this bittersweet feeling.

while change can feel uncomfortable it can also be exhilarating if you welcome the new-ness. i just need to keep reminding myself of that and keep checking things off of my giant life to do list of what i'd like to do and experience.

what will i be providing for our feast this year?

Apple pie (5 of 5)

cran-apple pie is my mom's favorite and usually is requested so it made it's way on to my list.

Tgives12 (1 of 2)

a personal fav - sweet potato pie, hey you. yes you made it too the under dog of pies. i make mine with white sweet potatoes an accident that has now formed into tradition, its funny when that happens.

Tgives12 (2 of 2)

these unseen photos are from last year's thanksgiving hosted by my sister in law. bottom left pot, was the first time i brought my collard greens n' wild rice side dish and it will also be making a reappearance.

as far as new goes, i will be testing out this recipe for parker house rolls by joy the baker. rolls are always something that gets left out of my fam's usual spread and it seemed like such a shame. do you see how pretty those babies are?! added.

smitten kitchen's chocolate pie.

homesick texan's version of chocolate pie. don't you love that old recipe card as much as i do?

i've been inspired to do chocolate pie - never made one and i still have insecurities working with chocolate in the kitchen. when you find yourself non stop thinking about something you have to get it out and try. a spark that turned in to a fire so i'm going to put thought and a whole lot of love in to this baby and hope for a delicious outcome.

you want your food to taste good? be in love with it, think yummy thoughts through out the process and don't rush.

i'd love to know your thanksgiving favorites and if you'll be bringing anything to your gatherings this year. i want to share a recipe but gees which one??



i'm going to go pie prep and watch Waitress.

such a lovely movie, here's the trailer if you've never seen it.