a trip to Dean & Deluca (kansas city)
recipe box: olive oil carrot cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting

the Foodcourt: Dean & Deluca (kansas city)

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poor ben.

poor, poor, poor ben. ben is just a student trying to work his part time job at the sandwich counter in Dean & Deluca's. but he was the lucky fella who got thoroughly deli harassed by my biff and i. some people may have strongly hinted that we can be a bit much when we get together and go off to best friend brain land.

pffff, we're just always trying to have a good time wherever we can.

sorry, ben.

we really did apologize..

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we asked him aaall about this menu.

ben knew his shit.

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mid sandwich action shot. give this dude a raise.

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we ended up with focaccia and sour dough sandwiches that both had bacon on it.


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from the soup station next door we shared a fantastic seafood corn chowder. like full omg wow soup.

note to self: make seafood corn chowder this fall. start researching nooow!

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it's usually some sort of turkey sandwich for me, and always some grainy mustard when possible. brie, argula, and some avocado made this particular one extra yummy.

whenever i finally make it to nyc, the original Dean & Deluca is on my must visit list.

but kansas city you were lovely.