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the Foodcourt: Arthur Bryant's bbq

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barbecuuuue, HELLO america! am i right? you just can't get goood bbq outside of the u.s. it really is ours through and through. which is why i wasn't super into it until i moved back to the homeland and actually starting eating REAL american goodness. 

as i mentioned i recently took a trip to visit my biff who lives in kansas city and of course we did more then just hit up the local Cracker Barrel. first time visiting this new city and i got to spend 4 days hanging out with my best friend exploring and chatting up a storm. since moving away from vegas a few years ago any time we get to spend together is precious and truly never feels long enough. long distance relationships can be a bitch.

kansas city hails as one of the five main regional styles of bbq in america, texas, memphis, kentucky and the carolinas being the other four. having only tried two of these regional styles i am certainly no expert but i hope to gain more experience with the others eventually. what makes them different? smoking method, spice rubs, sauces, sweetness, spiciness, and the choice of meat too.

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Arthur Bryant's has been representing kansas city with their legendary bbq since the 1920's, that's almost a full century so obviously they know what they are doing guys.

i think we have located the experts.  

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the ordering process can feel a little intimidating, especially to an introvert like myself, so pull on your big girl pants and get your outdoor voice ready for little volume. my biff, her boyfriend and myself all ended up getting the same thing which made things easier.

the service counter is set up with about 3 low windows and when one becomes available you'll hear a holler from one of the guys in the back and you best have your order ready to go.

remember, outdoor voice. don't be scared!

all the yells, whistles, and yips coming from the fellas in the back make it seem like they were all speaking their own foreign language.

the language of barbecue.

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the burnt ends open faced sandwich with extra pickles. it was gooood, real good. note for next time: sharing is caring, the portions are huge.

i don't know why pickles & bbq but i like it a LOT so always always pickles, and smokey meat just isn't the same without an enormous sweet tea to go with.

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i can't wait for my next trip out to kansas city i got a few more bbq joints that are on my list to try.

happy eating!