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Lonestar, a look back


today my twitter & instagram feed was all about austin. it seemed like one talented lady after lady was either on their way or already enjoying time in the texas capital. i have to admit as the day (and the pictures!) went on i could feel myself getting crazy jealous most specifically because they were all there for a food bloggers conference, BlogHer Food. bunches of amazing ladies, bunches of delicious food, and i'm sure plenty of alcoholic drinks..uh hello? FUN!

since i couldn't be there i figured i could..i don't know, maybe blog anyways? that's the spirit!

the first time i ever visited austin was a couple of summers ago with my biff, we went once in may and came back in august. a really unforgettable adventure, that's for sure.

since this year's hosting city is austin i thought i'd share old pictures from our trip. this was when i was just getting to know my dslr.. so excuse the mess.



we drove all night and were in dire need of some serious SUGAR and who better for the job than Sugar Mama herself? beyond wonderful meeting the lovely Olivia in person and might i add congratulations on the recent WIN on Cupcake Wars! way cool to know first hand just how tasty her cupcakes are.

Suga5.jpg suga6.jpg Dessert.jpg

that back there is a s'mores bar.. my biff's kryptonite. bonkers delish!

loop11.jpg loop8.jpg loop9.jpg loop7.jpg

thrifting at the north loop.

Kerby1.jpg kerby3.jpg

breakfesting at the Kerbey Lane cafe.


adorable austin home, we saw many.


Big Top candy shop was magical.


but the ultimate driving force for my summer spent in austin (at least the first trip) was Twinkie Chan!

we've chatted about the Renegade craft fair before, this was the texas edition.

renegade2.jpg renegade4.jpg renegade3.jpg renegade5.jpg

well that's all folks!

one day i'll be back in austin. hope to see you at BlogHer Food '14!