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the Foodcourt: Pinkbox Doughnuts


we're friends here, right? i can talk honestly, share my thoughts.. no harsh judging or stern finger pointing? phew, good.

because i think i have a problem.

a big-round-hole-in-the-middle kind of problem. sometimes my problem is baked, but most times it's deep fried. yeasty doughy and often dipped, glazed, and sugared.

seriously you guys, i just dough nut know what to do.


Pinkbox doughnuts is a greatly welcomed new little business. i have always been envious of great doughnut cities like seattle, nyc, la, and portland because i felt like vegas lacked a little in that department.

now don't get me wrong there are some solid options for the more "traditional" doughnuts but i wanted creativity and interesting flavor combinations. i wanted bacon on my maple bar, dammit!

but in december of 2012, i got my wish.

Pinkbox (1 of 3)

of course their boxes are pink.. how could they not be?

Pinkbox 2

my order:

1. campfire s'mores 2. chocolate glazed 3. sweet potato cake 4. cinnamon spice cake 5. the fat elvis 6. apple pie fritter

i think you might have a problem now too. right!?

and to think that these are just a few of the flavor options. their menu is growing fast and it seems that every time i pop in there is a new irresistible must try. it's terrrrible! but at least we both have this problem, we're in it together now.

worst part? located less than 5 mins away from where i live. how dare they!

convenient and creatively tasty. yikes! i'm probably going to need to join some sort of a group now. see you there.

Pinkbox (2 of 3)

everyone should try the sweet potato cake, certainly one of my favorites. although on my last visit their newest addition was a coconut cream filled bar and oh my was it heavenly.

happy to call this my neighborhood doughnut shop and i can't wait to take my biff into Pinkbox the next time she is in town! when her and i get together we make doughnuts disappear. we're magical like that.

with moderation and whole lot of cardio hopefully me and my issues can come to an understanding.