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you can plan on it but...

Plan it (1 of 1)
life sometimes happens.

let this space be where i remember why life is good, let it be what holds me to my promises, let this be a place to challenge myself to try new things, let this be the place that lets me revisit the things i have said no to. let it be my place to imagine and materialize dreams into real life, let this be a place of comfort. lets play, lets discuss, lets eat. lets be open and never forget to be kind. let this be endless motivation and love. let this place remind me i am forever changing, growing - i am a work in progress.

life totally happens.

technology fails you, work was just impossible, holy crap did i really just eat two bagels?!

you run yourself down, you compare and compare and compare yourself. you drive yourself right into crazy town!

when the muchness gets to you, that's when you take a brain vacation.

remembering to be good to YOU is key, because you are important and you are enough.

lately i have been feeling a little guilty at my contribution level to my corner of the interwebs, still trying to find that balance.

but i promise to keep on trying to find my words.