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Funny Valentine

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i love Valentines day.

yes, i admit it. i am sucker for this day. i embrace my girlie side and anticipate flowers, chocolate, so much pink, and maybe a fancy dessert.

okay yes, sometimes its me buying the chocolate and making that fancy dessert..

use the day as a small reminder to do something nice for yourself. you deserve it.

i know quite a few people who don't care for the Hallmark holiday but single or taken.. i am a fan of chocola- i mean VALENTINES day.  

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let it be about chocolate.
why not? let's not make a big deal, no pressure here. psh, Valentines schmalentines.. chocolate appreciation day! yeees. nothing resonates love like a beautiful box of See's Candies. growing up it was always a special day when the See's box would arrive. Tokyo, Caracas, Dhaka it didn't matter where in the world my family lived See's would always deliciously appear at our door. moving all the time meant that our family traditions had to be a little different and that was okay. 
this particular box of chocolates i worked especially hard for. let me tell you February 13th is NOT the day you want to be in any chocolate/candy store, but I am sure any intelligent person would know that! i dove in and committed to that 45 min wait in line and i was just not leaving until i had that chocolate.
(insta-)sweet gesture from my broken valentine.
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show some love, if you have no one to give it to, give it to yourself. 
slow down and take the time to try and find the smile in every situation.




insta-Super Bowl Sunday

foooooootbaaaaaaaall!!!! America's greatest past time. wait...or is that baseball? hrm...

being honest.. I know zero about football.

being really honest.. I may have thought the Super Bowl was last Sunday. Oops.

clearly sports are not my strong suit, but food is and with football comes the wonderful world of tailgating cuisine. I say cuisine lightly because I think tailgating food is more like snacks on steroids. It's the reason to go an extra step with that cheese and bacon. Or the reason to put beer on and in everything! Cook a chicken, making dip. A little beer to go with your beer perhaps. Tailgating means fun, and that's something I can definitely get behind.

Here is my insta-Super Bowl recap.

Chili con Queso dip is a must. Here is the recipe I used from the Brown Eyed Baker. Super adaptable to your tastes. I loooove this dip with lime tortilla chips.

Cheesy bacon potato skins. I used huuuuge russets to make these bad boys, one potato skin was a more than adequate serving size. I adapted this recipe from the Pioneer Woman.
My main dish was a Mexican beef stew that I made into burritos with. I also proceeded to eat that stew about 15 other different ways..

Beef stew breakfast. Get on it, you know you want to.

What? You have never had Mexican beef stew?? Well you soon will be able to, soon up as a Daily Special.

I hope your Sunday was great wether you are hardcore about football or just hardcore about queso dip.